17 Apr 12 at 8 pm

This is a ceiling instalation by bluarch for Innuendo Restaurant. 

(Source: marvelbuilding.com)

15 Apr 12 at 8 pm

Joe and Rika Mansueto Library by Murphy Jahn

This library stores 3.5 million books underground.

(Source: archdaily.com)

05 Apr 12 at 8 pm

margaret hunt hill bridge’ by santiago calatrava in dallas, texas

03 Apr 12 at 8 pm

The final phase of The High Line by James Corner has been revealed! 
I went there last summer and fell in love with it and so I am excited to experience the final addition. (click on the images to see them bigger)

The green on the map is the final phase of the “garden in the sky”.

01 Apr 12 at 12 pm


by Mecanoo Architects & Kossmann.dejong

16 Mar 12 at 6 pm

Shell like Café in Little Hampton by Heatherwick Studio

(Source: evolo.us)