20 Apr 12 at 8 pm

Sliding House, by Alex de Rijke in England

I recommend everyone to watch this 3 minutes video and be amazed at the beauty of architecture.

19 Apr 12 at 8 pm

Herzog & de Meuron have received planning permission for Tate Modern 2 – an extension to the Tate Modern contemporary art gallery in London, its set to open in 2012.

 So the Tate Modern design started out by being that horrific pile of boxes back in 2008, but since then Herzog & de Meuron have revised their design and the bottom picture is the final design! 

04 Apr 12 at 8 pm

Serpentine gallery pavilion 2011 
designed by peter zumthor

The pavilion is constructed with a lightweight timber frame and then wrapped with scrim and coated with a black paste-and-sand mixture.
Upon traveling through a matrix of dark hallways with intermittent streams of natural light, 
this material gestures visitors attention away from the bustling city and towards the secluded intimate interior. “

16 Mar 12 at 6 pm

Shell like Café in Little Hampton by Heatherwick Studio

(Source: evolo.us)